CCG Profiles works with all systems aluminium, PVC, timber profiles, and has no limits to its scope in the use of databases. The software has in-built sample databases of some profile systems (Altest, Blick, Etem, Europa, Exalco, Kommerling, Profilink, Thyssen, Trocal, Veka, Winhouse, etc.) provided by Bulgarian manufacturers/suppliers. With Profiles Full Edition every user can create and maintain databases of profiles and accessories, with a description of the physical dimensions of profiles; prices, currencies; scrap; databases of glasses and glazings. There are options for:

  • creating a common database, which contains profiles of different systems;
  • combining two databases/adding profiles and accessories from one database to another.

Each time, a profile is changed, the program automatically recalculates the physical dimensions of the construction.



Profiles allows each user to create and use combinations of profiles and accessories needed for a particular construction – named Standards. Each Standard may contain different kinds of objects – a frame, single/double door, single/double/multi-winged window, beam, etc. For every object of the Standard the following should be defined

  • type of the profiles;
  • the accessories which are added to the object;
  • specific settings – overlaps, adjustments to the length, size of the set, angles of jointings, etc.

Using standards is a common method of working with the Profiles software, that facilitates valuation and reduces the probability of user errors.

CCG Profiles

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CCG Profiles

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