Cutting Scheme

CCG Profiles automatically calculates:

  • all materials required for the manufacturing process: profiles, accessories, hardware, glazing, etc.;
  • additional profiles: window-sills, rolling blinds, insect screens;
  • length of the arc and bending radius of arches, cutting angles of bevels;
  • cost of additional materials: foam, dowels, etc.

It is possible to change the accessories and hardware after the order has been calculated.


Profiles has a built-in module for optimization of the rod cutting scheme. The software optimizes the cutting of linear materials (with pre-determined rod length, cutting width, minimal length of leftover material needed for the next use), and exports the results of the optimization process to automated circular-saws.

Optimization reduces the scrap to minimal values (often under 1%).


Profiles has a built-in Stock module with a nomenclature of profiles and accessories, which allows easier tracking of the available products, quantities of materials, materials reached a critical quantity, etc.

During the optimization of the rod cutting scheme, CCG Profiles generates storage documents utilizing all the materials required for the order and also documents on the bars, that have been left after the optimization.

Scheme and Bill of Materials

The software generates a .doc (Word, OpenOffice) format document for the workshop. It contains the schemes of the offer modules and all of the materials, needed for the manufacturing process, including a detailed description of profiles dimensions, cutting angles, hardware, etc.


CCG Profiles generates a wide range of reports, including: cost price, specification, Bill Of Materials, cutting scheme, glass-packs, arcs, hardware, accessories, etc.

The user may choose any of the offers and modules, and combinations of them, needed to be included in reports.

The software exports the reports to the most popular formats (Word, Excel, OpenOffice).

CCG Profiles

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CCG Profiles

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