As every company has a different pricing policy, CCG Profiles uses various formulae to calculate the costing, depending on each company's pricing practice. These formulae include additional capabilities to calculate:

  • Discounts for a particular module or the entire order;
  • Services - delivery, installation, etc.
  • Cost of additional materials - foam, dubels, etc.
  • Various currencies and rates of exchange;
  • The price of an order when different profile systems are used.
  • Defining groups allows for a price change (either by per cent or cost) of every item within a group at once.


    CCG Profiles automatically generates an offer for the customer, calculating the price using pre-defined formula. Changing the formula automatically leads to price recalculation. Additional costs for services can be included (delivery, installation, etc.) or price discount for a particular module, or the entire order.

    The offer can be customized according to company and customer data and other information (a company logo, additional attributes, etc.).

    Profiles exports offers to a .doc (Word, OpenOffice) file with possibilities for further formatting.

CCG Profiles

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CCG Profiles

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