CCG offers training for working with Profiles to its customers. It may take place either at CCG office or at your own. Training is not included in the price of the software license, it only concerns the logic of the product and how the databases are created. A user, who needs training, should be initially able to design profile constructions.

Internet support

CCG offers a remote support over the Internet. To use it, contact CCG office, download software tool CCG_Support and run it on a Internet connected computer. Then, our experts will be able to work on your PC and solve your problem.

The software tool CCG_Support does not install any programs on your computer and does not need administrator's rights to be run. We would be able to work on your PC only after a user's request.

Supported versions

We support latest version of Profiles - 10, as the support of a given version is discontinued one year after the next release. We strongly recommend, all users of old versions, to upgrade their installation, if they want to use the latest features and our support.

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