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Price formation - Additional expenses and discounts

New panel in menu Administration for editing the Additional expenses and discounts. All of the additional expenses and discounts might be entered in the list. For discounts enter the price with "-"; Add additional expenses and discounts to the offer and the modules from Offer->Properties and menu Module->Properties.

In the offer and module properties there are tables for additional expenses and discounts. With the help of the drop-down field or manually there might be added and edited unlimited number of records. All of the additional expenses and discounts are visible in the Offer and the reports.

Check module for errors

A panel Check module for errors is added to menu Administration. The construction might be checked for:
-missing profiles of case, wing and beam;
-missing settings of beams and cells;
-presence of profiles under the minimum length.

List of the errors during the design

In menu Administration has been added a panel with list of the errors during the design, which is stored for 30 days.

Changes in Profiles panel

The working modes Prototype and Case, wing, beam have been deactivated in panel Profiles. They can be enabled from Admin–>Options–>Settings.

Size of dimensions' font

In Admin–>Options is added option for changing the Size of the dimensions' font in the pictures of the offer and the scheme.

11.03.2010 - Profiles 10

Profiles 10

Profiles 10 allows elements like sills, blinds and mosquito nets to be added to a construction. All of the additional elements are visualized on the drawing screen and in the reports.


In order to add a sill, select a frame on the drawing and choose a sill from the drop-down menu in panel Profiles–Sills. After clicking “Add Sill” button, the sill is visualized on the drawing and the height of the frame is decreased. The sills are with the same color as the profiles. The sills shall be set up in Catalogue->Sill menu.

The total price is set for each sill separately. That is why in Catalogue->Sills are added fields for indicating the price per linear meter, labor, installation, profit and VAT. A flag for price formation based on the total amount of the accessories or the prices per linear meter has been added.

If the flag for price formation is set on "Accessories", the Sill is in the same color as the construction and transfers the color to the accessories. In order to color the first accessory in the accessory list there should be price set for the color. If the price is missing, the Sill won't be colored and shall appear in default color (white).

The Sills are not included in the price of the construction, and they are separately calculated. The price of the Sill is displayed separately in the module, offer and reports properties.

Working modes

Working modes are in the toolbar with basic operations below the main menu.

Working mode Construction (main) – drawing and editing constructions.

Working mode Mosquito nets – adding mosquito nets to a construction. Panel Profiles contains a list of available mosquito nets. Mosquito nets shall be set up in Catalogue->Mosquito nets menu.

Adding a mosquito net:

  1. Choose a mosquito net from panel Profiles.
  2. Select one or more wings on the drawing to place the mosquito net.
  3. Click "Add mosquito net" button.

The mosquito net has the total size of the selected wings.

Working mode Blinds – adding blinds to a construction. Panel Profiles contains a list of available blinds. Blinds shall be set up in Catalogue->Blinds menu.

Adding a blind:

  1. Choose a blind from panel Profiles.
  2. Select one or several cells on the drawing, in order to define the size of the blind.
  3. Click "Add blind" button.

The blind has the total size of the selected cells.


The colored profiles are shown in the drawing and the reports. Set the colors in Catalogue->Color types menu.

Coloring additional profiles and accessories – only after a price for the applied coloring type has been set. There have to be a preliminary set price for each coloring type for the additional profiles and accessories that shall be colored. If the software does not find price for coloring type, it shall take into account the base price (white).

Price formation

The final price of the offer is formed by 5 separate components – Constructions, Glazing, Hardware, Mosquito nets, Blinds. The price of each component can be calculated on the base of the included materials, labor, installation and profit. The final price is based on the sum of the total amount of each of these 5 components, as well as the additional expenses and discounts. The pricing policy administration is set up in the admin– Pricing policy menu. To set the selected formula click „Apply formula" button.

New reports

Offer->Export Word->Offer->Details+ visualizes pictures of the mosquito net and blinds of each module.Offer->Export Word->Price visualizes the new price formation. Reports->Generate contains newly added reports for blinds and mosquito nets.

Order the offers by ID and name in Module->Open menu


New Store report

In stock quantities flow report for a period of time added to menu Store.

Profile size below minimum option

Admin->Options->Settings->Check profile size below minimum disables calculation of construnctions containing profiles with length shorter than the minimum set in Store->Inventory. If this option is turned on, the software displays an error at Module->Save and does not convert the offer into an order at Offer->Orders.

Glazing price rounding

In Glazing->Glazing has been added an option to round the price of a glazing with a smaller area than the defined.


Dates of creation and last modification

Offer->Properties and Module->Properties - Dates of creation and last modification has been added. Dates are shown in the Offer and Scheme reports.

Module validation

In Admin->Options->Settings has been added Module validation option. At saving the software is checking up the active module for the most common errors – missing profiles, overlaps and corrections.


An option to replace IDs of profiles and accessories in reports has been added

In Catalogue->Change ID in reports can be set the ID of frame, wing, beam or accessory that will be shown in the prime cost reports, material and hardware reports; ingoing or outgoing stock documents. If this function is activated, there is an option to use it or not in Reports->Generate menu.

Serbian translation updated


A possibility to set different color types has been added


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