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Description of the update changes


Optimize only accessories in 2x mode

New option is available in Admin module.


Save offer as option is included in menu OFFER

This option enables the users to change:

  • Number of the offer;
  • Customer name;
  • Comment;
  • Formula;
  • Additional expenses and discounts.

Compare offers

This update provides a capability to select 2 or more offers and export them in a general report. To print them in a general report the modules from the first offer should correspond to the modules of the rest selected ones according to the overall dimensions and number.

Save offer as and Compare offers enable the user to create offers consisting different types of profiles, and to export them in a general comparative report.

Save the opening type and select a proper hardware when changing profiles and accessories.

If user clicks Change profiles and accessories button, after he has finished the construction drawing, the program checks the opening type of the wings and searches for hardware with the same opening type. If there is a hardware set in the standard and the program doesn't find another fitting one, those set in the standard will be selected automatically.

The flag Automatic change of the hardware should be switched on (in Admin->Options->Settings).

New module parameters included to the accessories list

In addition to L, H, P, S and GW parameters user may now use in the formulae the following module parameters:

  • opening area - M2o;
  • fixed area - M2f;
  • total length of the profiles - Lt;
  • total number of frames - F;
  • number of frames - FC;
  • number of wings - FW;
  • number of beams - BN;
  • number of knots - N.

Added a comment field in panel Profiles, under the hardware list. In this field the comment for the selected hardware is displayed.


Export to cutting machine Murat updated

User may specify how many rods to be passed at a time to cutting machines Murat.

According to the manufacturer’s information, the maximum number of pieces, which may be loaded at a single pass, is 998 plus 1 empty piece for ending.


Extension of the data export to machines Murat

User may include:

  • Customer name;
  • Module number;
  • Cart and cell number;
  • Additional dimension of the frame;
  • Type of the processing operation;
  • Type of the frame;
  • Cutting two rods at the same time.



Lock/unlock all of the modules in the offer at the same time.

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