Software features in brief
  • Easy-to-use drawing module
  • Drawing of blinds and mosquito nets
  • Design various aluminium and PVC constructions
  • Calculation of prices based on formulae
  • Bill of Materials – detailed schemes, reports and optimization results
  • Unlimited database support – import custom system or download available PVC and aluminium base
  • Export optimization result to circular-saw program
  • Export of glass scheme to glass optimization software
  • Built-in aluminium and PVC databases - Altest KMG, Blick, Etem, Exalco, Profilko, Roplasto, Veka, Alumil, Kommerling, Profilink, VIVA Plast, Aluplast, Baufen, Bauplast, Brokelmann, Trocal, Weiss Profil, Alukönigstahl (Schüco). Free download


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Latest News
22 November 2014

Database Hammer Plast added.

21 November 2014

Hardware bases - Vorne and Viva Plast ROMB added. Download here.

27 September 2010

Database with Alukönigstahl (Schüco) profiles added.

16 September 2010

Update for Profiles 10. Download here.

25 March 2010

Video demonstration with sills, colored profiles, blinds and mosquito nets. Watch it here.

19 March 2010

Baufen database updated. Download.

11 March 2010

New version of Profiles released! Download Profiles 10. Contact us for pricing and upgrade information.

9 September 2009

Exalco database update. Download.

9 September 2009

VIVA Plast database updated with new profiles. Download.

27 September 2006

CCG Profiles won Golden Medal at Plovdiv fair in category "Software".


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