Profiles covers a large part of the manufacturing process of companies in Window and Door industry.

Drawing and design

Design constructions

With Profiles, constructions with varying levels of complexity can be designed: windows, doors, balcony doors, hanging facades, commercial shop fronts, constructions with unlimited number of wings, sliding constructions, arches, trapezoids etc

Design and drawing
bill of materials

Bill of Materials

CCG Profiles automatically calculates: all materials required for the manufacturing process: profiles, accessories, hardware, glazing, additional profiles: window-sills, rolling blinds, insect screens;
length of the arc and bending radius of arches, cutting angles of bevels;
cost of additional materials: foam, dowels.

Scheme and materials


Profiles has a built-in module for optimization of the rod cutting scheme. The software optimizes the cutting of linear materials (with pre-determined rod length, cutting width, minimal length of leftover material needed for the next use)

Optimization module

Pricing and Offers

As every company has a different pricing policy, CCG Profiles uses various formulae to calculate the costing, depending on each company's pricing practice

profile bases

Data bases

CCG Profiles works with all systems aluminium, PVC, timber profiles, and has no limits to its scope in the use of databases. 

Managing data bases


Settings and restrictions for the work with Profiles are included in the separate programming module - Admin

Admin module