Settings and restrictions for the work with Profiles are included in the separate programming module - Admin. They allow the users to:

  • select a working language (Bulgarian, Russian, English, German, Serbian, Croatian, Romanian, Arabic) or translate the software texts into other languages.
  • select a database system, archive database, stock documents and offers;
  • create a password to restrict user's rights for editing databases, formulae, the store nomenclatures, etc;
  • select export to automatic circular-saws (KABAN, ELUMATEC, MURAT and others);
  • select a printer for printing labels, etc


  • Export documents in .doc, .xls, .dxf. formats;
  • Export the results of the optimization to twin-head saws;
  • Export the cutting scheme of the glazing to cutting off machines.
  • Import of data (profiles, accessories, standards, hardware) from one database to another.
  • Custom data export to external programs at the user's request.
  • Export/Import data to and from remote offices.
  • Networking possibilities.
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