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5/15/11 9:46 AM
Can I change the angle of joining door profile? With profiles v8 and weiss pvc, lover side of the door is made with angles 90-0 degrees. I need 45-45 on every joint, just like it is with windows and frames. Also, angles for glass holder are 90-0 degrees. Optimisation results are useless for these two profiles :-(
RE: angles
5/17/11 6:53 AM as a reply to vladan krstic.
You can change the angle of joining from tool with this name. In Profiles v9 and latest You can make standart with angles 0/45/90 degrees for door.
About angles of cuting of the accessories - it isn't possible in Profiles v8. Profiles v10 and latest have this functions.
RE: angles
3/18/12 4:16 PM as a reply to vladan krstic.
sorry guys i wanted to know where can i add a free hours for the program of ccg profiles