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Reducing doorstep
Reducing doorstep
5/16/12 8:52 AM

we have interesting situation with doorstep that we can’t solve and we need your help.
Problem is shown in figures.

How we can shorten the length of doorstep?

Thank you in advance.
RE: Reducing doorstep
5/16/12 11:49 AM as a reply to Viktor Savcic.
This is one of the few things that the program realy can not do ):
In this case we propose fill doorstep as accessory, not as frame.
The space under the door remains empty in picture, but all dimensions are correct.
As accessory you can fill doorstep = L - X mm
RE: Reducing doorstep
5/17/12 7:46 AM as a reply to CCG Office.
We already try to do that. In this case we have longer frame (left and right side) becouse you have empty space down.
Look at the picture again.
RE: Reducing doorstep
5/17/12 9:33 AM as a reply to Viktor Savcic.
Yes, but H of the door is a correctable size. In all cases it is compromise, but usable.Or you can use zero beam to separate space under the door, as you like it. Other propose: fill doorstep as down-close beam, with needed correction. You can do it in the standard.
RE: Reducing doorstep
5/18/12 9:48 AM as a reply to CCG Office.
Down-close beam is acceptable solution.
Please consider possibility of frame corrections in following versions.

Thank you for your help.
RE: Reducing doorstep
5/21/12 6:44 AM as a reply to Viktor Savcic.
The only reason not to do this is to not complicate the program. If the interface looks like a console of a helicopter, it would be minus, not plus ):