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Print prices
Print prices
2/10/09 1:03 PM
Is there a possibility that Profiles in addition to print prices in
Euro, Multiply them with the exchange rate and print the euro
and the price in another currency? But that's done through the
fields in which each day of the exchange rate enrolled
RE: Print prices
2/10/09 11:49 PM as a reply to Milan Temenugovski.
Current version of Profiles doesn't keep old exchange rates, and every time recalculates prices using current exchange rate and base currency.
The usual practice is to set main currency in Admin - it will be used for offers, price lists, etc. If you have another currency in catalogue, Profiles will get current exchange rate from Profiles->Admin->Currency menu during calculation. When an offer is approved, you may set actual exchange rate and recalculate it.
Also, it is possible to print price in another currency, after you set it as "Main currency" in Admin and set exchange rates according to it.