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Position of the beam?
Position of the beam?
3/3/09 1:41 PM
In Accessories Format how can we get position of the beam (symbol or formula) to use in the formula to calculate the width of lamellas for double window?
RE: Position of the beam?
3/4/09 2:15 PM as a reply to Milan Temenugovski.
Usually, lamellas depend on cell dimensions. The most common way is to create a Standard and add them in Cell->Accessories List. For example if lamel width is 40:
Is this OK for your case?
RE: Position of the beam?
3/20/09 10:39 AM as a reply to CCG Office.
For the blinds we use a separate standard and it works well for single and double windows.
In the calculation of lamelas we use formula something like this : 0108010 = (H/37) XL-210.
The procedure is as follows : open the new window select standard for blinds, add blinds, choose a standard for window, add window.
However,we don't know how to determine the width of lamelas at the triple window with beams to use only standard for the blinds.

Thank you in advance.
RE: Position of the beam?
3/20/09 12:59 PM as a reply to Milan Temenugovski.
Can you send us by e-mail a simple scheme of desired construction, since I cannot very well understand it - do you put a single sunblind on a whole frame, or separate blinds on every wing?