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Double Window - main wing
Double Window - main wing
4/10/09 7:49 AM
Catalogue/Standard/Double Window
By default left wing is always main wing and it is determined hardware.
How to change the main wing (left or right).

Thank you in advance.
RE: Double Window - main wing
4/13/09 1:33 PM as a reply to Milan Temenugovski.
Brief explanation of how Profiles selects hardware.
1. In drawing the hardware is always shown in the first wing.
2. The hardware may be selected automatically by the opening type - to use this option, follow this steps:
-Fill in hardware database with different hardware for every opening type. Hardware should have the same name and different ID. Also, they may differ in included accessories.

-In Admin module, check the option "Automatic change of hardware"

Now, for example if you change the opening type in this construction:

...Profiles will change hardware and will display message:

Also, please check Update changes from 01.12.2007 and 19.03.2009 for detailed explanation.
Composite Hardware
10/8/09 2:59 PM as a reply to Milan Temenugovski.
Maybe using "Composite Hardware" will help You.
First, define hardware (+accessories) for both wings:

Next, define Composite Hardware, using primitives:

Now, when You use this composite Hardware, Profiles will get proper accessories: